About Haslups.com

Haslups.com is an informal web site that hosts varoius online information for, by or about the Cary North Carolina branch of the Haslup family. There are no guarantees about its contents except that it will contain things that its webmaster finds intereting or useful.

http://haslups.com/Stump.jpgOne page that falls (hopefully) in the useful category is the Troop 216 Website for BSA Troop 216 in Cary, North Carolina.

The contacts page has email addresses that can be used to contact family members. These addresses will follow them if they change their other email addresses.

The photo at left is the four of us posing on a stump in Redwoods National Park in California. The picture was taken during the obligatory transcontenental family road trip in 1997. We are all even better looking now.

Haslups.com is hosted by Lunarpages Web Hosting with which we have been reasonably well satisfied. If the site suddenly vanishes feel free to blame them but it will more likely be the webmaster who has screwed things up.