Family Members Online

The following links lead to pages for some of the online activities of family members. The Teleoscope  is Lee's primary Blog which he uses to write on issues which he (and often only he) finds interesting. You can think of the Teleoscope as Lee's personal online magazine. New material is added whenever Lee finds time and the publication schedule is erratic at best. you would like to be notified occasionally when new material has been posted just ask to be put on the subscribers list. Use the email address to the right of this page (which also appears in the right column of any Teleoscope page). You can also visit the Teleoscope Index for links to selected past postings on The Teleoscope.

The Teleoscope uses Blogger  -- a free blogging tool and site owned by Google. When you use Blogger, Google will host your blog for free in exchange for... for... well, in exchange for your letting Google host your blog. I am sure that Google analyses Blogger content and traffic trying to stay ahead of online trends. But Google's 'bots are welcome to read The Teleoscope if they want; Readers are always invited -- even the robotic ones.'s LiveJournal Page  is used for lighter-weight journaling to keep Lee's friends up on what he has been doing lately -- and also for Lee to keep up on his friends postings . While The Teleoscope is intended to read like a magazine, Lee's LiveJournal page reads more like a traditional journal.

LiveJournal  is a tool that combines blogging with aspects of a social networking tool. It offers a nice balance that allows it to meet the needs of adults looking for a tool that lets them keep in touch with their friends on a day-to-day basis. I encourage all my friends and family members to set up livejournal accounts.

Irene's LiveJournal Page  is a live journal page for Irene -- if she ever finds time to use it. Here are her friends' postings .'s Photos Page  on  is my host for photographs (and some images) for my blogs. Like Blogger, Flickr is also a free service. Flickr is owned by Yahoo. If you click on one of the photos in my blogs you should be taken to my Flickr page for that photo. From that page you can order prints -- which are not free. That is one of the ways that Flickr hopes to make money. As a stockholder in Flickr's parent organization I encourage you to order all the prints you like of my photos for your personal use. Commercial use of my Flickr photos requires permission. That is, if my photo is going to appear on the cover of the swimsuit issue of your magazine... we need to talk.

To order prints you will need to sign up for a free Flickr account. Family and friends can also email me to ask me for prints and I will order prints and mail them to you.