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Holiday Newsletter

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Each year I write a family newsletter to insert in our Christmas cards to keep family and friends appraised of our activities.

2007 Newsletter:

The best way to access the newsletter is to follow this link  to read it in my weblog -- the Teleoscope . The Teleoscope version has links to other information and opens much faster than the other formats which involve large file downloads.

Other formats available (but not generally recommended because of the large file sizes) are the PDF file  (10 mb) and Word document  (40 mb) that we used to print our Christmas Card inserts.

If you would like to receive a paper copy, just send an email to bigleehimself (at) with your address.

2006 Newsletter:

The best way to read it on line is to click here  to read it in my blog, The Teleoscope. The blog page should load fairly quickly and the posting contains links to more information.

Here it is  as a rather-large word document (over 6 MB). This is the actual Word document we used to print our inserts and, unless you have a really fast internet connection it will take a long time to pull it down.