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Help Page for this Web Site


Logging In: There is no need for a login to access most of the information on the site, but registered users can login to access additional information (not available to the public) and to have more options for contributing information.

Clicking the Login or Logout control near the top left corner of the page allows you to log in and out of the site.

Guest Login: You can also log in as a "Guest" (userId and password are both "Guest" and are case sensitive,) giving your name, and be allowed to contribute information to some parts of the site.

The Welcome: line near the top left corner of the page (right under the and StikiWeb logo) gives the userId with which you logged in (if it shows "Visitor" you are not logged in) and is followed by a link to login (or to logout).

Note: your login will time out after a period of inactivity. You may be asked to log back in when you return to the site.


Page History: Links to the last few pages you have visited will appear at the top of the page. This is your page history (or Trail). Clicking on a page name in the page history will return to the page.

Intra-site Links: Links to other pages on this site will appear as ordinary hypertext links. This link, for instance, leads to the Main page. Often the link text and the page name will be the same, as in this link -- Help -- to the page you are currently reading.

External Links: Links to web pages outside the StikiWeb site are marked so you will know that they leave the site.  is an example of a link to a page outside the site. You may also see links that look like link A  or like link B. These represent links to pages in the site that either do not exist, or which you do not have permission to access. Link A represents a link to a page that doesn't exist but which can be created by clicking on the link. Link B is a link to a page that your userId cannot create or access.

Navigation Icons: In addition to the page history and hypertext links in the page content there are two icons that are useful for navigation:


Takes you to the welcome page.


Brings up this help page.

Contributing to the Site

This web site is a StikiWeb Wiki site (or StikiWeb Site). StikiWeb  is a WikiWiki  web engine that provides a framework for collaborative web site development.

The pages of this site are stored as a markup language and converted to HTML (the language your browser expects) on demand. Permitted users of this site can edit the markup language for the pages. A simple description of the markup language appears in the Help With Markup page. (Link opens in a new window.)

Each page can have attachments, much like the way attachments can be included with an email message. Pages with attachments will show a list of attachments at the bottom of the page. Users who visit the page can access the attachments, either downloading them or viewing them in their browsers, depending on the type of the attachment. Attachments can also be displayed inline in the page. This is the primary way images ate added to a page -- they are first uploaded and attached to the page and then referenced in the markup for the page. Details of the use of attachents can be found in the Help With Attachments page.

Depending on the user ID you use to log into the site you will be able to change the contents of the pages. Some pages,such as the Sandbox page, can be edited by any visitor to the site. Other pages require that a user log in (possibly using the "Guest" login) to contribute. Yet other pages, such as the Admin.Users page, can only be changed by a site administrator.

There are several icons that appear on the upper right side of the page that allow you to access and/or change the definition of a page.


allous you to enter a comment at the bottom of the page.


allows you to see the definition of the page -- but not to change it.


allows you to upload a file from your computer and attach it to the page.


allows you to change the definition of a page.


allows you to control the level of access given to other users for the page.

Note: These icons appear only if you have permission to perform the associated action on the current page. If you think you have permission but the icon for a desired operation does not appear, check the Welcome: line to make sure you are logged in.

The Samples page contains examples of the language used to define StikiWeb pages.