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stuff 2 install picassa floppy disk convert Replace Irenes Stone

If you are looking for the home page it is here.

You are reading the Main page of the Wiki  (rhymes with "sticky" when I say it but other people make it rhyme with "geeky" -- both are acceptible.) This wiki is an instance of the Stikiweb  Wiki -- a freely-available, open-source, Java based Wiki implementation which I wrote a few years ago when the popping of the dot-com bubble left me with time to brush up on some new technologies. I use it to serve the pages for my family website to act as a pilot site and for testing new features.

Most Wikis are set up so that any visitor can edit the text of almost any page. Stikiweb can be set up that way but the instance is not. Stikiweb is configurable so that each Stikiweb site can be totally open for changes, a mix of open and access-controlled pages, or totally locked down for everybody but the administrator. The instance of Stikiweb falls towards the locked-down end of the continuum. Most pages in this Wiki require an administrator's login to make changes. There are occasional exceptions -- pages that have been opened up for other people to contribute -- and there is the Sandbox where anybody can try out the editing capabilities of the Wiki.

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Welcome to StikiWeb! If you are viewing this page then you have probably gotten StikiWeb running. The initial default content of the wiki is fairly minimal. Content is your department. But there are a few pages that may be helpful in learning to use your new StikiWeb site.

The very first thing tells how to set up your Admin user password. DO THIS FIRST

Samples shows examples of the markup language. The Sandbox page is a place where you can try out your own page markup ideas.

Help provides help on using the application and Help.WithMarkup provides a simple desciption of the markup language.

A few more pages you can visit:

Outdated Material

EEP Project Notes

Misc Tech Notes



WorryWarts Alaska Info


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