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A brand-new-out-of-the-box StikiWeb site will have a user id and password for the administrator login set to Admin/Admin. Click on the "login" link at the top of this page to login as the administrator. Then come back to this page...

Ok, the user id table is in a wiki page named Admin.Users. Your job is to change the Admin password. Assuming you have logged in as Admin you can go to the Admin.Users page and edit it. You can edit any page (to which you have write access) by going to the page and clicking the "edit" icon (that looks like this: http:images/edit.png.) Once you are in the editor you will see a list of UserIds and passwords separated by sets of three vertical bars, like this...

<Some header mumbo>

These two lines define the Admin and Guest user IDs and passwords. Your job is to change the password on the Admin line. You want to make it read

|||Admin||| -my-password-

where -my-password- is the password you want for the administrator.

To add more registered users just add new lines under the Guest line. (Don't change the Guest line) Then click the "save changes" button, click "logout" and "login" again using your new Admin password.

Unless you are logged in as Admin you can't access the Admin.Users page. If you forget your Admin password ask your site administrator to look in the file at ...WEB-INF/wikiBase/Admin/ and get it for you.